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Developing a Thoughtful Retirement Plan

“I want to retire when I turn 60. How much will I need to save so I can live the lifestyle I want?”


  • A retirement plan
  • An asset allocation plan
  • Life insurance planning
  • Estate planning
  • Long-term care planning
  • Ongoing communication with client’s CPA and estate planning attorneys

A single, 45-year-old radiologist1 approached us thinking about his future life in retirement. He hoped he’d be able to retire by age 60 and wanted to make sure he’d have enough assets to live comfortably. We sat down with him to discuss what a comfortable lifestyle would look like, both for him and his children, and together determined that he would need at least $4 million in his investment portfolio. We created a 15-year savings plan that provided guiderails for saving a specified amount/year, based on a very conservative annual rate of return. Each year our client contributed according to plan. Although our client isn’t quite ready to retire now, he could do so knowing he has a comprehensive plan in place that’s been designed with his best interests in mind.

1Hypothetical client based on potential situation.