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Family Wealth Advisor

Serving the Human Side of Legacy Wealth

The Yalowitz Zeidler Group offers a wealth management experience that supports the preservation and growth of multi-generational wealth. In partnership with Baird Family Wealth, we take the time to understand your needs and complex legacy considerations, developing meaningful relationships with you and your family along the way. Our approach focuses on the “why” behind your financial and legacy goals, as we concentrate on what makes your family unique, and how we can best support you across generations. Once we’ve reached this understanding, we formulate a plan built specifically for you and your family.

Working with a Family Wealth Advisor 

As a designated Family Wealth Advisor by Baird Family Wealth, our team has undergone a rigorous and intentional program to guide ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families through significant transitional events and multifaceted opportunities.

The Family Wealth Advisor Credential

Generational family wealth management is at the forefront of our intentional, focused credential provided by Baird Family Wealth. That, combined with advanced training on managing the unique complexities of family dynamics and legacy considerations, allows us to provide exceptional, elevated service to you and your family.

A Tailored Approach for You and Your Family 

At Baird, we have a client-centered, team-oriented approach. In addition to our expansive internal resources, we also collaborate with external strategic partners you may have, such as family CPAs, attorneys, and other financial professionals to provide the structure and coordinated expertise to manage what matters most. 

Multi-Generational Teams for Multi-Generational Families

As Family Wealth Advisors, we have an established history in creating customized solutions for ultra-high-net-worth families with complex needs. Our specialized expertise helps us navigate the nuances of family wealth By collaborating with multiple generations to provide a vital continuity of service to see your legacy realized.

Extensive Resources to Support Your Unique Needs 

Backed by Baird’s 100-plus years of wealth management experience, we leverage customized planning capabilities while integrating with a suite of specialized Baird resources, including: 

Our Process

Expertise in administration of revocable and irrevocable trusts, retirement accounts, charitable trusts, and private foundations.

Our History

Expert guidance for business transitions (business sales, acquisitions, ESOPs, and more)  with comprehensive, detailed exit plans for long-term financial security.

Our Values

Leading middle-market investment bank with M&A advisement, equity capital markets, capital advisement and restructuring. 

Our Resources

Dedicated to helping lower-middle-market companies succeed in the global marketplace with Global Private Equity and US Venture Capital platforms.

Discover what working with Family Wealth Advisor can do for you: 

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