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Helping Women Through Life Transitions

“My husband died suddenly and left me with a financial mess. I don’t know what I have and if it’ll be enough to support me. I have so much anxiety about my future – I desperately need someone to help me!”


  • A net worth statement
  • A retirement plan
  • A charitable giving plan
  • A tax return review
  • An investment program
  • A monthly income program
  • Cash management
  • Ongoing communication with our client’s CPA and estate planning attorneys

A 65-year-old client1 with two adult children approached us in tears. Her husband was in charge of the family’s finances, and when he passed away unexpectedly, she was left with reams of paperwork and no idea of what it all meant or what to do. She was anxious that she wouldn’t have enough to support herself going forward.

We met our client at her home and reviewed all of her physical and digital files. After organizing the assets and uncovering life insurance policies, annuities, private equity and retirement plans, we worked with the outside investment companies to liquidate and transfer assets into accounts for our client. Once everything was consolidated, we worked with her to create a customized retirement plan. We established a living and charitable giving budget and used some of her late husband’s concentrated low-basis stock positions to establish a U.S. charitable trust account – a tax-efficient solution that helped reduce risk in her portfolio.

1Hypothetical client based on potential situation.

2Baird does not provide tax or legal advice.