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Impactful Business & Legacy Planning

“Now that my family-owned business is growing and profitable, I want to start thinking about building a legacy for my kids and grandkids.”


  • Cash management for business and personal needs
  • Multigenerational planning for kids and grandkids
  • Legacy planning through a family foundation
  • Financial and estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Life insurance review and planning
  • An annual gifting plan
  • Ongoing communication with client’s CPA and estate planning attorneys
  • Trust Services

Our team – a family-owned business ourselves – originally started working with a local business owner1 and his family more than 45 years ago. Their original goal was to build a municipal bond portfolio for the client’s personal and business accounts. Over the years, we cultivated a lifelong relationship with our client, his children and grandchildren. We created for them a family foundation (for which we manage the investments) and work closely with its board to ensure its future. We also developed multiple estate planning strategies and even helped plan for the sale of his business alongside his accountants and attorneys. Today, we advise his family’s current generation on such matters as financial planning, estate planning, life insurance, education, investment strategies and more.

1Hypothetical client based on potential situation.